Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gladiator Fire Photos, Bradshaw Mountains

My photographing post.
Saturday AM I hiked to the top of a overlook near Mount Davis (7905') to get a good seat and watch the days firefight begin. The winds were low, allowing for an air assault on the Gladiator Fire unlike the day before.  Armed with long camera lenses, I attempted to photograph and made a couple of still camera videos of the Gladiator Fire, as it blew up during the day. Please forgive some of the images as this was a long way from the fire. 

The following are images of the fire, aircraft and helicopter assault, on the Gladiator Fire. The location was along Turkey Creek, Battle Flat and the north side of Towers Mountain. As the fire attempted to climb the mountain towards the Colloup residence and Towers mountain, it was continually slowed by air assault. When I left all structures had been saved as of May 19. Thank you, to over 1000 brave men and woman who are fighting this fire. 

Early morning survey crew plan the days attack.

As the day heats, the fire blows up in many different locations making it difficult to fight.

The first slurry bomber heads in for a drop. 

On the way in. Towers Mountain can be seen to the right
which houses many expensive communication systems for Phoenix. 
The Colloup Residence is just to the left of the towers.

Fire fighting helicopters carrying precious water, retrieved from
 Goldwater Lake head in to the fight.

More choppers carrying water buckets. Notice the charred mountains that look like a battle field.

The fire becomes stronger. 

A bomber follows a small chase plane that shows them the way in,

 down deep into Turkey Creek to drop a load of slurry.

The plane disappeared from my sight, 

as they dropped low into the bottom, where 

the first smoke 


A ball loaded with water.

Looking over the area to make the run.

The area to hit.

The run has began and red slurry is dropped. 

Out safe and headed back to Prescott airport for another load of fire killing slurry. 

Click here to watch a VIDEO of the fire and slurry bomber run. Watch for planes just below towers, top right. 

 May 20 Road Closers in Bradshaws

Below Information provided by... Fire Incident Information System

Closure Order is in effect for all Prescott National Forest land south of County Road 177. Current Road Closures: All roads leading into the community of Crown King are closed. Cleator – Crown King Road (County Road 59) is closed at Cleator. Senator Highway to Crown King (County Road 52) is closed at the junction with Poland Rd. (County Road 58). Forest Road 192 is closed. Forest Road 711 is closed south of the Forest boundary at Cow Creek. Mayer-Bolander Road (County Road 177) is closed at the Forest Boundary. Forest Road 362 is closed south of the Forest boundary at Wagner. A Yavapai County fire ban is in effect across all fire ban zones. Prescott National Forest Campfire and Smoking Restrictions are also in effect. For AZ Fire Info & Restrictions Information call 1-877-864-6985 or visit