Monday, May 28, 2012

Wild Flowers Blooming in the Bradshaws


With the Gladiator Fire almost out we thought we would post some good news. Right now the Bradshaws are afire with wildflowers (pun intended) . During the next 2 weeks plan visit higher elevations and see the bloom.

Blue Bonnet Lupine 

Golden Columbine

Century Plant

New Mexico Groundsel

Fairy Duster

New Mexico Locust

Scarlet Hedgehog

Paint Brush

Many-Flowered Puccoon

Short 1 minute movie on Grapevine Creek

Many other species are blooming. These images were made within the last 6 days. 
See our photography page on our website for locations and access points. Click link below.

Please forgive spelling and grammar as we upload and type on our phone.