Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bradshaw, December 2012

Please forgive spelling and grammar as we update and type on our phone.

                                                               Granite Basin Lake
A Merry Christmas to all!
The good news is that the Bradshaws, has received much needed moisture this winter. Higher elevations are covered with snow. As I write this its snowing. I'm predicting a huge wildflower bloom this spring as well as a good wildlife crop, especially quail. That is if the rain and snow keeps coming during the next few months.

We have posted two new updates on Bradshaws this week.
Granite Basin Lake and Big Bug Mesa.

Later we will be posting one of the highest waterfalls in the Bradshaws. Recently I hiked to the Castle Creek Falls again. Its spectacular and beautiful.

Hang in there with us as we slowly build our website. We apologize for the mess and miss spellings.  Mark

                                             Castle Creek Falls, phone photo