Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bradshaw NEWS

                Pine Creek, central Bradshaws.

Spring in the Bradshaws continues.
The forest is fresh and green and the small creeks are flowing. Early flowers are beginning to bloom. The cold temperatures are gone making it a good time for camping out.

We have received emails asking if the wild apple orchards survived the cold temps this spring. The answer is YES, most that we have looked over have survived, and small apples are appearing. As we write this some at higher elevations are just blooming. Some of the plum and apricot trees did not survive frosts.

                          Wild apple orchard.

We have placed a new hike up on Marks Favorite Hiking Page, named
Ash Creek Riparian Forest Hike.
It is a loop within several connecting creeks. Click the link below to look it over.

          Ash Creek Hike.

During the past couple of weekends, the Bradshaws have come alive with hikers, mountain bikers, fisherman, climbers, ATVers, campers, boaters, kayakers, birders, ghost town hunters, gold seekers and ranchers branding newborn cattle. Its nice to see the many uses within the Prescott National Forrest.

Please forgive spelling and grammar as we update and type from our phones.