Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Has Sprung in the Bradshaws

Finally warm weather has arrived. Its been a cold winter in the mountains this year. Apricot and plum trees have begun to bloom.
At lower elevations wildflowers have begun to "pop" and fields of poppies are appearing just north of Black Canyon City and many other locations.

Black Mesa rock art and Ruin.
 We have posted a new hike, that is one of our latest recommended "off trail hikes". Recently I hiked up to Black Mesa Ruin with friends. If you are not aware of Black Mesa, it is one of the most spectacular Hohokam ruins in the state, but difficult to reach. Here is a link to the hike.

Hiking Up to Black Mesa Ruin

Enjoy the warm weather and watch again for rattle snakes as you venture out into the spring. Mark

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