Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bradshaw Mountains UPDATE! Newsletter

Newsletter update 3/15/12
                       Trout hatchery trucks are filling Bradshaw Mountain Lakes with trout.
                                                               Photo by Tom Houtz

We wanted to report that this week, fishing has been very good on Bradshaw Lakes.  Water temperatures have risen and the fish are feeling good and biting. 
Once trout are stocked in a lake they hang out in schools for a few days before breaking up. One tactic that works is to look for these schooled fish and cast to them. Try flies and worms and power bait. 

We have a friend who is known as Prescott's fishing guru.  Tom Houtz has had a passion for fishing the different Bradshaw Mountain Lakes for the past 16 years and when he says they are biting... well they are.  Tom invited me fishing this week and people were doing well especially on Goldwater Lake.  Goldwater Lake is open now and trout are being stocked by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 
                                    Stocked trout range in size from 8 inches to 14 inches. 

Try green or yellow power baits at different levels under a clear bobber. If you're on spring break grab a fishing pole and hit the lakes! 
Bradshaw Mountain Team